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Established in 2017, R&D Selection is an Italian food and fine wine wholesaler. We’re based in the Midlands but our ‘real’ home is in Puglia, southern Italy where we have made it our mission to champion this region and showcase to the world what it has to offer in way of fine wines and great food. Unlike other merchants, we don’t just deal with the more famous Puglian grape varieties such as Primitivo and Negramaro but also the hidden gems of the region which deserve to be more widely known such as Nero di Troia, Minutolo, Sussumaniello, Bombino Bianco, Verdeca and many more, all of which make up the over 15 native grape varieties of Puglia. Thanks to mother nature, Puglia is also a near perfect environment for viticulture, with its persistent sunshine, fertile soil and sea breezes, the “heel of the boot” is on the verge of a wine revolution and we’re at the forefront to bring you the best of what it has to offer.

We sometimes hear Puglia being referred to as a ‘new’ wine area, but this couldn’t be further from the truth with some Puglian grape varieties being amongst the oldest in the world. It is only recently however, that it has become more widely known on a world scale. With our local knowledge and strong relationship with all our suppliers, we aim bring you an unrivalled Puglian selection to suit all occasions and all budgets.

Although our main focus is predominantly on Puglia, we are always on the lookout for great wines in all the lesser known regions of Italy. Due to a number of factors many great wines are being missed simply because they don’t come from the more famous growing areas. In Italy at the moment the wine industry is undergoing a quiet and subtle renaissance, many wineries have been passed down the generations and it’s now this new, young, dynamic generation that is really pushing wine production forward. They are not just changing the marketing and image of their wine but also applying the latest wine making technology, something the older generations have always been resistant to. With this mix of traditional grape varieties and new technology the wine being produced is of a different quality and deserves to be known outside of Italy.

Quality, affordability and passion are our priorities!

By sourcing the best products from the upcoming regions in Italy, our customers are able to differentiate themselves in a market where consumers’ interest in wine is shifting to new regions: wine drinkers have a thirst for new grape varieties, accessible pricing and – above all else – wines that are thoughtfully produced.

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We can design corporate wine packages for small and large companies, whether it is for business gifts, corporate entertainment, staff incentives or annual events

Staff Training

We understand our wines are from less known regions in Italy, and being able to explain to your customers the story behind that bottle and most of all remember the names of the native varieties, can be challenging. This is why we offer our customers staff training by providing simple and key information which will help them drive sales and at the same time differentiate them from their competitors with a innovative wine list. Also, with the support of our suppliers, we organize trade only educational tours in Puglia, and give you the unique opportunity to experience the food&wine traditions of the region.

Wholesale and Events

Delivery is free and we can provide goods on a sale or return basis and support with glass hire.

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